Kitchen Conversions Cork Board

Kitchen Conversions Cork Board  - Wooden Cork Trivet


Kitchen Conversions Cork Board  - Wooden Cork Trivet

A handy Kitchen Conversions Cork Board is an absolute kitchen essential for avid cooks.  This strong wooden paddle style board is topped with a cork layer and features those all important kitchen conversions, including liquid measures, temperatures and dry weights and measures.  Complete with a string loop, it is easy to hang on your kitchen wall so you'll always have it to hand when needed.

Not only will it look great on your wall, but you can use this cork board as a serving platter, kitchen trivet or worktop saver, ensuring your kitchen surfaces or dining table are protected from hot pans and dishes.

  • Size : 22.5 x 37 x 0.8cm
  • Wooden Cork Board
  • Wipe Clean Only