FLOW Wine Aerator & Base

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FLOW Red Wine Aerator

FLOW Red Wine Enhancer

ENJOY GREAT TASTING WINE INSTANTLY - With the FLOW Barware Wine Aerating Pourer set there is no need to wait an hour for your wine to breathe like with a traditional wine decanter. Simply open the bottle and pour the wine through the wine aerator. As the wine passes through the pourer it instantly oxygenates the wine by sucking in air through the chambers and mixing it with the wine bringing out the complex flavours and aromas making any wine taste better.

EASY-TO-USE WINE AERATING POURER - No need for wine decanting and messing about filling a wine decanter just for a few glasses of wine. Our aerating pourer speeds up the breathing process by instantly aerating in the time it takes to pour a glass of wine. Designed to speed up the aerating process which usually takes up to 1 hour, simply hold your Magic Decanter aerator over a glass and pour wine through. It is that fast! It is so easy! Aerate Wines in Seconds.

CAN BE USED FOR ANY WINE - Aerate any red, white, or rose wine releasing the bouquet of aromas and oxidising your wine and thus making any bottle taste significantly better.  Aerator Size : 15cm x 6cm - Displayed In a presentation box

Aerator Features:

INSTANTLY AERATES WINE Enhance the bouquet, flavour and finish of your wine instantly

GREAT DESIGN Small size and unbreakable design makes it easy to carry, great for a picnic

EASY CLEAN The aerator can be easily run under the tap for effortless cleaning 

DISPLAY STAND Proudly display your wine aerator on the table or bar. The base will also prevent  leaking stains on the table cloth 

REMOVABLE FILTER Includes a removable filter to catch any sediment.

A GREAT BAR GIFT A Cool Bar Gadget that comes in an attractive presentation gift box....all ready to wrap!!

Box Contains

  • Wine Aerator
  • Aerator Base
  • Sediment filter 
  • Storage Pouch 

Give it a try, It really does work!