Stainless Steel Jigger - Dual Spirit Measure

Stainless Steel Jigger, Dual Spirit Measure Cup

Stainless Steel Japanese Jigger 25 ml & 50 ml

This Japanese styled Stainless Steel double ended drinks jigger measures 25ml and 50ml to the brim, enabling you to measure single and double measures with ease. With rolled top and bottom edges for strength and style this stylish measuring cup is perfect for cocktail enthusiasts and bars alike.

The perfect cocktail is all about making sure you have the correct measurements and this Stainless Steel 2 in 1 jigger will help you maintain consistency when mixing your drinks. Measuring either 25ml or 50ml of your chosen spirit or liquor this handy bar tool is a welcome addition to any home bar, restaurant or cocktail bar.  

  • Stainless Steel Japanese Jigger
  • Dimensions 11cm x 4.5cm
  • 1 x Double Ended Drinks Jigger
  • 25ml and 50ml Measures