Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws by Flow Barware

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FLOW Barware Reusable Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Straws 

Help stop the damage to our planet with a set of Flow Eco Bamboo Straws. Made from 100% natural organic bamboo, this set of 8 reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws is fun, functional and environmentally friendly.  With Bamboo being the fastest growing plant on earth, these straws are strong, super sustainable, plus they are biodegradable and compostable along with our Eco-friendly packaging.  Did we mention they are reusable? Yup! These FLOW Eco Bamboo straws are totally reusable, resistant to rot and mould and are easy to clean.

Complete with a Cotton drawstring storage pouch and a handy cleaning brush these tropical style natural bamboo straws are a stylish alternative to disposable plastic straws.

Suck up your Sangria or pop one in your Pina Colada for a totally natural vibe!

Each straw measures approximately 19.5cm. Please note that as this is a naturally grown product the internal dimension of each straw will vary.

  • Set of Bamboo Straws
  • 100% Natural Organic Bamboo
  • 100% Environmentally sustainable
  • Includes : Cotton Storage Pouch & Cleaning Brush
  • Washable (Wash before use)
  • Fully Biodegradable & Compostable

FLOW Barware bamboo drinking straws


Bamboo Straws