Gracula Garlic Crusher

Dracula Dracula Garlic Crusher

Gracula Garlic Twist - Dracula Garlic Crusher

The Gracula Garlic Twist is a fiendishly fun Dracula inspired Garlic crusher, just ready and waiting to smash your garlic to smithereens! Mwahahahaha! Gracula is so easy to use! Simply remove his head, place your fresh garlic cloves into the chamber, replace his head and twist....exorcist style! The fang shaped teeth inside the chamber will do all the hard work for you, keeping your hands odour free.

A fun kitchen gift idea for those who love to cook, the Gracula Garlic crusher can also be used to crush nuts and herbs too. Plus he's the only vampire on the planet who loves garlic!!

  • Size: 9cm x 7.5cm
  • Food Safe Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Gift Boxed