9 x Diamond Shaped Whiskey Stones

Diamond Shaped Whiskey Stones

Set Of 9 Polished Diamond Shaped Whisky Stones

Ideal for whisky connoisseurs these Polished Diamond shaped Whiskey Stones are a unique take on the standard granite Whisky Cube. The clever design offers 60% more surface area, increasing the chilling capabilities and ensuring your chosen beverage is chilled without dilution whilst maintaining the integrity of those complex whiskey flavours. These quality granite Diamond Shaped Whiskey Stones ensure that your favourite tipple be it whiskey or brandy remains chilled and completely undiluted.

Made from recycled granite, cut into diamond shaped stones and polished for a smooth finish, they will stay colder for longer, helping to retain the chilled temperature of any drink. Just pop the stones in the supplied storage bag in the freezer for +4hrs to chill and they are ready to use.

Unlike regular ice cubes, whiskey stones won’t dissolve into your drink, so the full flavour is retained from top to bottom.

  • Materials: Polished Granite
  • Contents: 9 Diamond Shaped Stones & Storage Bag
  • Dimensions: 20 mm x 20 mm
  • Reusable Ice Cubes