Chili Herb Infuser

Chili Herb Infuser


Chili Herb Infuser - One Pot Casserole Bouquet Garni Gadget

The Chili Herb Infuser is GENIUS!! Foodies everywhere are gonna love it.  This cleverly designed silicone herb infuser can be used to enhance the flavour of your favourite soups and one pot stews, delicately infuse creams and custards aswell as add some warm spice to mulled drinks. Shaped just like a Chilli, simply pull off the chilli stalk and fill with fresh herbs or spices, then drop the Chili into the pot during cooking and let those lovely flavours seep into your dish.

This quirky kitchen gadget is bright red, so no chance of it getting lost, plus you can use the handle to swirl it around. Your herbs and spices will stay totally secure in the basket so no threat of any woody herb stems or spice balls escaping into your dinner....a rosemary twig sticking out of your mouth is not a good look!! So bin your old supermarket bouquet garni bags and make your own flavour combinations with the Chili Herb Infuser. You could also try it out for Lavender Ice Cream this summer, or for mulling wine at Christmas. Savour the Flavour people!!

  • Size : 13 x 10 x 8cm
  • Food Safe Silicone
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Resistant to boiling water
  • Cool kitchen gadgets