Bigfoot Salad Serving Tongs

Luckies Bigfoot Salad Tongs

Bigfoot Salad Tongs - Novelty Sasquatch Inspired Serving Tongs

It's official! The legendary Bigfoot does exist.....Bigfoot Salad Tongs that is! No Hoax! We've seen him with our own eyes.... a sighting in our summer salad no less! This legendary heavyweight has come out of hiding to give us two helping hands. Long and strong he just loves to toss and serve a bit of healthy vegetation.

Made from 100% food safe BPA-free plastic this considerate creature will stand to attention when not lazing around in your salad leaves, plus he really digs a rain shower in the dishwasher.  A novel kitchen gadget for any kitchen, Bigfoot Salad Serving Tongs are fun, functional and the perfect gift idea for cooks with a sense of humour.....or a love of big, hairy beasts!

  • Size : 30.2 x 9.7 x 4.6cm
  • Food Safe BPA-free Plastic
  • Dishwasher Sage
  • Salad Serving Tongs