Peaked Crystal Whiskey Glass & Ice Ball Mould Set

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Crystal On The Rocks Whiskey Glass With Mega Ice Ball Mould

Crystal Whiskey Tumbler on the Rocks Gift Set

WHISKY GLASS GIFT SET - A stunning two piece whisky glass gift set combining unique style and elegance. Roll the ice ball around the central peak of the glass to gently chill your tipple & release the aromas of your whiskey, rum or liqueur. This cool whiskey glass set is a stylish way to serve your single malt or scotch on the rocks & comes complete with an easy to use ice ball mould which makes a giant ice ball that will outlast traditional ice cubes, cooling your drinks to perfection!

STYLISH WHISKEY GLASS DESIGN - Beautifully designed with the whisky drinker in mind. Crystal clear with a creative peaked bottom, this 300ml whisky tasting glass has a unique central peak that creates a natural swirling motion, channelling the aroma upwards to the fine cold-cut rim allowing you to enjoy the rich aromas & ensuring a quality drinking experience. An impressive way to serve and savour your favourite whisky, single malt, baileys or bourbon.

THE ICE BALL MOULD - Simply fill and freeze the mega ice ball and add to your glass to chill your favourite scotch, whiskey, rum or liquor. Unlike standard ice cubes this large solid ice ball will melt slower then lots of smaller ice cubes so won’t dilute your drink as quick. Roll the ice ball around the peak in the glass to chill & release the aromas of your favourite drinks.

NOT JUST A WHISKY GLASS - The unique design of this glass means its not just for whisky but also makes the perfect rum glass and is big enough for a large baileys or as a lowball gin glass for serving your favourite gin and tonic over ice, mocktails and old fashioned cocktail.

READY TO WRAP - Complete with a stylish gift tube, this modern and unique 2 piece whisky snifter glass and ice mould set is a fabulous whisky gift idea for any whisky lover - a birthday gift for a bourbon drinker, a retirement gift for a scotch lover, or a fathers day gift for a whiskey connoisseur. Whatever the occasion this whiskey glasses gift set is a fabulous gift idea for men & women. Single whiskey glass size 9.5 x 9.5 x 9cm, capacity: 300ml, 1x ice ball mould.