Rocking Whiskey Glass & Whiskey Stones Gift Set

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Rocking Whiskey Glass & Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Whiskey Gift Set - Rocking Whiskey Glass & Non Diluting Reusable Whiskey Stones

A stylish Whiskey Glass Set is an ideal gift for Whiskey Connoisseurs. This 2 piece gift set includes an elegant hand blown glass with a bevelled base along with a set of two granite whiskey stones. The bevelled base allows the glass to rock and rotate naturally on a flat surface helping to release the aromas and flavours of your favourite whiskey. Simply chill the whiskey stones in the freezer and add to your glass to cool your favourite scotch, whiskey or liquor to perfection! Unlike standard ice cubes, these granite whiskey stones won’t dilute your drink, so the full flavour is retained from top to bottom.The fabulous set is presented in a contemporary style gift tube ready to be given as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present.

  • Allow The Glass To Rock & Release The Aromas & Flavours Of Your Favourite Single Malts & Aged Blends
  • Whiskey Stones Won't Water Down Your Whiskey - Chill Your Drink Without Diluting It
  • Size Tube: 10.5 x 10.5 x 15cm - Glass: 9cm x 10cm