Mr Food Face Plate - Novelty Dinner Plate

MR Food Face Snack Plate

Mr Food Face Plate - Children's Crockery Canvas

Mr Food Face Plate will turn every meal into a work of art.  If your kids are picky eaters then this novelty dinner plate helps to encourage them to try different foods aswell as exercising their creativity. Designed by the fun loving chaps from Fred and Friends, Mr Food Face plate is mid-size 23cm diameter so the perfect size for kids meals.   It is crafted from hotel quality ceramic, is microwave safe and individually gift boxed with lots of fun ideas for your kids food art creations.  How about a mashed potato beard, sugar snap pea moustache, sweetcorn hat or curly spaghetti hair.  

Mr Food Face Plate is a blank crockery canvas and an inspirational kitchen gift for future Ramsay`s. Wouldn't YOU have loved it when you were a kid? Check out Ms Food Face Plate too

  • Size : 23cm Diameter
  • Ceramic
  • Novelty Dinner Plate
  • Individually Gift Boxed