I`m As Big As - Childrens`Height Chart

Im As Big As Height Chart


Childrens' Height Chart - "I`m As Big As" Weird & Wonderful Wall Height Chart For Kids

This brilliant I'm as Big As Childrens` Height Chart make measuring your little ones alot more interesting.  Simply measure your kids and compare their height against the unusual items listed on the height chart. From iconic items, people, creatures and bizarre objects, this novelty wall mountable height chart will have the kids learning lots of weird, wonderful and funny facts about the world we live in.

Who are you As Big As?... A Munchkin, an Alien, a King Penguin, an Astronaut for Nasa, a Chimpanzee, Kylie, an F1 Driver or a Superhero?  The I'm As Big As height chart measures upto 2 metres so the adults can have some fun too!! A novel idea for the kitchen and a great gift for new parents. Do you`re family and friends measure up? Well give it a go.

  • Size : 38 x 18 x 0.5cm (upto 2 metres)
  • Card
  • Wall Mountable
  • Loads of Fun!!
  • Fun Kids Height Chart