Fun Alfresco Dining

The Kitchen Gift Co Put Fun Back Into Alfresco Fiestas

With a glimpse of summer on the horizon and the temperatures finally starting to rise, an air of excitement is simmering through The Kitchen Gift Co camp at the mere thought of dining alfresco.   Lazy day garden parties, backyard bbq`s or beachside picnics, they have some fresh new products to inject the fun factor into your alfresco fiesta.


CITRUSAW and CACTOOPH are the perfect double act when it comes to serving aperitifs to your party guests.Somethings are just meant to be together - Gin & Tonic, Ice cold Mexican beer and Lime and of course Citrusaw, a 2 in 1 bar tool which is a bottle opener as well as a citrus fruit knife.  This saw shaped funky kitchen gadget has a stainless steel bottle opener and a serrated plastic blade for slicing those all important lemon and lime wedges for your favourite beverages.  Made from food safe plastic the Citrusaw is a handy accessory to have in your beach bag for summertime picnics, festivals, the boys' camping trips or your garden parties.  Partnered with Cactooph it makes a great start to any alfresco occasion.  Cactooph stands prickly and proud. This cute little cactus shaped cocktail stick holder will totally transform your bits on sticks, holding upto 30 sticks of your favourite nibbles. Holey moley.


Hot dog`s without mustard? burgers without ketchup? chips without mayo? Just not worth thinking about.  So arm yourself with THE CONDIMENT GUN  A novelty, comedy cartoon style six shooter sauce dispenser and get trigger happy for your backyard bbq.  Made from sturdy food safe plastic this quirky gun has a dual cartridge for two of your favourite condiments, delivering an accurate stream of sauciness, turning your boring bbq into a comedy cookfest.  

No outdoor extravaganza is complete without a few salads here and there.  Make little work of your house salad with their KARATE CHOPPER LETTUCE KNIFE.  This kick ass colourful kitchen gadget, made from food safe plastic is shaped like a karate chopping hand.  It`s serrated edge, slices through salad easily and prevents the lettuce from turning brown.  


To chill out at your lazy day garden party The Kitchen Gift Co prescribe the CHILL PILL ICE CUBE TRAY.  A novelty,silicone ice cube tray designed to look like a tab of two pills and makes giant sized, pill shaped ice cubes which chill drinks for longer.  Take it sub-zero with their ICE SHOT GLASS MOULD  by Sagaform. Imagine taking a shot of your favourite tipple from a shot glass made of ice!! It is innovative, quirky and is sure to make your party that little bit different no matter what the occasion.  The FROSTY FRIENDS ICE LOLLY MOULD is a clever silicone mould which makes 3 ice lollies with protruding eyes! a friendly face with every lick.Try juice, fizzy drinks, ice cream, or even yogurt to entertain the kids, or something a little stronger if you’re eyeing up ways to make the perfect party popsicle. Super Cool or what?

“With summer approaching it is time to get a little care-free and have a giggle.  We think these products add a little silliness and a whole lot of fun to any alfresco fiesta ”  - Director at The Kitchen Gift Co

The Kitchen Gift Co are a UK based independent online gift retailer specialising in kitchen gifts and gadgets.  They bring together a broad range of products to the gift market, focusing on kitchen and food related items, providing inspiration to anyone buying gifts for kitchen lovers and foodies. Their products combine day to day practicality along with design excellence and a quirky edge, making them unique and memorable gifts for any occasion.


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