Sagaform Ice Shot Glass Mould

Sagaform Ice Shot Mould

Sagaform Ice Shot Glass Mould - Frozen Ice Shots Keep it Cool!!

This quirky Sagaform Ice Shot Glass Mould really will get your summer party started and give it a chillin` vibe.  Imagine taking a shot of your favourite tipple from a shot glass made of ice!!!...Super Cool or what?  Our Ice Shot Glass Mould by Sagaform is innovative, quirky and is sure to make your party that little bit different no matter what the occasion.

Ever wondered how to make ice shot glasses? It's simple! - Just fill the mould with water, add a few herbs or berries if you wish (we like to use mint and raspberries), pop in the freezer ready for the partaaaay!!  Why not try making an edible shot glass by filling the mould with chocolate instead of water, then just pop in the fridge....Now that's our kind of party!

The Ice Shot Glass Mould is a must have kitchen accessory and makes a great gift for party people everywhere.  A party is just not the same without it.

  • Size : 12.8 x 12.8 x 6.3cm
  • Silicone Mould
  • Makes 4 x Ice Shot Glasses
  • Frozen Ice Shot Party Glasses