XL Spherical Ice Ball Maker - Set Of 2

Set of 2 Ice Ball Moulds

2 Giant Spherical Ice Ball Moulds

This set of 2 MEGA Ice Ball Moulds solves the problem of your ice melting too quickly, keeping your drinks chilled for longer. These XL silicone ice ball moulds will make giant spherical ice balls and are cool bar accessories to have around, especially for summer parties when things need chillin' down. Made from food safe silicone, these quirky little balls are simply filled with water and placed in the freezer to create two perfect 5cm ice spheres.

A single giant ice ball is perfect for use in a whiskey glass, as it outlasts traditional ice cubes which tend to melt quickly and water down the whiskey. Or why not add pieces of fruit or fresh mint  to the moulds to create flavoured ice spheres for your summer punch, sangria or cocktail bowls. Get creative and chill out this summer with the help of these Ice Ball Moulds. For more quirky bar stuff and bar gadgets browse our full collection of bar accessories.

Need more Balls?? Set of 4 Ice Ball Moulds

  • Makes 5cm Balls
  • 2 x Silicone Ice Ball Moulds
  • Cool Bar Gadgets