Luckies Brown Paper Lunch Bag

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American Style Lunch Bag

Luckies Brown Paper Lunch Bag - American Style Thermal Lunch Bag....It`s in the Bag!!

This cleverly designed Brown Paper Lunch Bag is based on the iconic Brown paper lunch bags and references the time honoured American tradition of taking your lunch to work in a paper bag.  However, this is no ordinary paper bag, Oh No!! This novelty lunch bag is made from tyvek which is tear-proof, leak resistant, tough and insulating....a bit like Supermans Cape!!  It also has a strong double magnet so this Paper lunch bag stays firmly shut keeping your hot food HOT and guess what ?....your cold food will stay cold!!  

A great lunch bag for work, school or a picnic in the park and if you want to make it truly unique then you can personalised it with your own doodles.  These Brown Paper Lunch Bags make super gifts for Supermen everywhere and unusual birthday gifts for Dad`s.

  • Size : 23 x 20 x 15 cm
  • Made from Tyvek
  • Super Strong - Tear-proof, leak-proof
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Doodle Friendly
  • From our Luckies of London Range