Dreamfarm Big Grindenstein Coffee Knock Box - Black

Dreamfarm Big Grindenstein Knock Box

Big Grindenstein Espresso Coffee Knock Box by Dreamfarm

The Big Grindenstein Knock Box, dreamt up by the clever designers at Dreamfarm, is the perfect accessory for the coffee connoisseur.  This handy coffee grinds container is 23% wider and higher than the regular Grindenstein and will hold upto an additional 85% more volume. The Big Grindenstein is marvellously mighty coffee accessory but it will still fit onto your domestic espresso machine drip tray. 

Made from strong, durable ABS plastic, the patented shock absorbing design includes a santoprene rubber coated steel bar at its core, making it truly impossible to break.  The rubber sleeve dampens the sound of the striking force when knocking out your coffee grinds, plus it has a non slip base to keep it steady.

This large Grindenstein is hugely practical, looks super stylish and also comes with a little book of neat ideas on how to recycle your coffee grinds. A perfect gift for coffee lovers!!

  • Size :12.5 x 13.5cm
  • ABS Plastic, Santoprene rubber coated steel bar
  • Coffee Grinds Knock Out Box
  • Dishwasher safe (Top rack)