Copper Measuring Cups - Set of 4

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Kitchen Craft Copper Measuring Cups


Set of 4 Copper Measuring Cups - Copper Finish Baking Cups

Stylish, functional and bang on trend, this Set of 4 Copper Measuring Cups is a must have kitchen accessory for the home cook or keen baker.  Made from stainless steel with a pure copper plating, not only will these measuring cups save you time in the kitchen but they also look pretty awesome too. Measuring in cups is quick and easy, so no need to pull out your kitchen scales because this fabulous set includes 4 different cup sizes : 1/4, 1/3. 1/2 and 1 Cup measures.  

They are perfect for use when baking your favourite cakes and can also be used to measure liquids.  An essential kitchen tool which makes a great gift idea for bakers. 

  • Size : 1 Cup (250ml) 1/2 Cup (125ml) 1/3 Cup (80ml) 1/4 Cup (60ml)
  • Made From - Stainless Steel With Pure Copper Plating
  • Set of 4 Measuring Cups
  • Gift for Bakers
  • 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea