Conundrum Wine Decanter

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Red Wine Decanter

Conundrum Aerating Wine Decanter With Two-Phase Aeration - Red Wine Carafe

With its elegant brushed steel base large spout for easy filling and smooth pouring this unique aerating wine decanter will hold half bottle of your finest wine and help to enhance both flavour and aroma.

Featuring a unique design with a two-phase aeration and oxygenation system the wine travels strategically out and onto the sides of the decanter, providing superior aeration and oxygenation.  When serving, the wine is gently dispersed over the specially designed curves providing a second aeration phase which maximizes the scent and flavour of the wine.

Aerating or oxygenating your wine has proven benefits including enhanced flavours and a better bouquet. Perfect for summer BBQ's, parties and gatherings.

  • Decanter Volume: 375ml
  • Decanter Dimensions: 22.5x11x11cm 
  • Decanter Material: Pressed Soda Glass 
  • Cleaning: Hand wash only