Zip Eat! Jar Opener

Zip Eat Silicone Jar Opener

Zip Eat! Giant Silicone Zip Jar Opener

With the Zip Eat! Jar Opener there is no need to struggle to open that pesky tight lidded jar or bottle. We've all been there....halfway through cooking your favourite recipe which calls for a jar of something or other, only not able to open it, or trying to open that jar of marmalade for your morning toast. Fear not! Zip Eat to the rescue.  Designed to look like a giant zip, this colourful silicone band can be made smaller or larger depending on the size of your jar. Simply slip it around the jar lid, tighten and then twist to open your jar with ease.  

A fun and functional kitchen gadget, Zip Eat has saved many from having to go to the gym!!  A perfect gift idea for older family members or friends who may have lost a little strength but have not lost their sense of humour.  It's like having your very own Superman outfit.....or could it be magic? Hey...get a grip and Zip Eat it!

  • Size : 17.5x3x6.5cm
  • Silicone & Plastic
  • Easy Jar Opener
  • Dishwasher Safe