YolkFish Egg Separator

Goldfish Egg Separator


It's A Fish.. YolkFish Egg Separator

YolkFish the Innovative Egg Separator designed to look like a goldfish will help you separate egg yolks from egg whites. Simply Squeeze the body of the fish and the egg yolk will be swiftly sucked through the mouth of Yolkfish separating it from the egg white. A gentle squeeze of the fishes body will deposit it into another bowl.

There will come a time when you'll need to separate an egg yolk from the white and when this time comes, let Yolkfish help you out.

  • 1 x YolkFish Egg Separator
  • Size: 9.5cm x 4cm x 6cm
  • Great novelty gift
  • Made from food-safe silicone