Replacement Sagaform Oak Stoppers

6cm Replacement Sagaform Oak Stoppers

Replacement Round Oak Stoppers For Sagaform Decanters 6cm, 5cm or 4cm

These Sagaform Wooden Oak Stoppers are available in 3 sizes and are made from solid oak. The largest (6cm) will fit the Red Wine Carafe, the mid-size (5cm) will fit the White Wine Carafe and the smallest (4cm) is for the oil/vinegar bottle. Can be used for any make of decanters or carafes as wine stoppers.

So if you've lost your balls, broken them or the dog is chasing them around the kitchen...fear not!! just pop a replacement in your basket

  • Size : 6cm, 5cm or 4cm (+/- 2mm)
  • Solid Oak Wooden Stopper
  • Oil regularly to avoid splitting