Peel Appeal - Leaf Shaped Orange Peeler

Lunch Box Fruit Peeler

Peel Appeal Orange Peeler - Novelty Leaf Shaped Citrus Fruit Easy Peeler

The Peel Appeal Orange Peeler is simple, practical and so appealing! This handy little kitchen gadget puts an end to the juicy mess of orange peeling and also helps those with weak hands or less mobility.  Made from food safe BPA Free plastic, this quirky little leaf shaped Citrus Peeler will remove orange peel with ease. Simply insert the spike into the orange, or your chosen citrus fruit and twist around the fruit until the peel falls away. No more fumbling around trying to dig your fingernails into the orange skin.

This Citrus Fruit Peeler is a handy kitchen tool which can also be used to create decorative citrus peel spirals and ribbons for decorating desserts, garnishing your culinary creations or cocktails and ideal for marmalade making.  Designed to look like a citrus fruit leaf, it is small enough to pop into your lunch box and when not in use simply spike an orange in your fruit bowl, to add some decorative flair! Plus it's ready and waiting when you need it.

A thoughtful little gift idea for bakers, cooks, cocktail makers and orange lovers!

  • Size: 10 x 4 x 0.4cm
  • BPA Free Food Safe Plastic
  • Citrus Fruit Peeler
  • Dishwasher Safe