My Cuppa Tea / Coffee Mug - Novelty Mugs

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My cuppa tea / coffee mugs by Suck uk

My Cuppa Tea / Coffee Mug - Your Brew, Your Way 

The ingenious My Cuppa Tea / Coffee Mug by Suck UK makes hot drink making so much easier. So, your in the office,someone is doing the tea round and you say `I`ll have mine as it comes`only to water the office plant with it 10 minutes later. Fed up of having to make your own brew because no one makes it to your taste?....secret, they do it on purpose to get out of making it!!  Well time to make a stand and get yourself one of our cool mugs. With the My Cuppa Tea / Coffee Mugs and you can enjoy your favourite cuppa in your own mug to your own taste.  

These cleverly designed novelty mugs have a colour matching guide on the inside of the mug so that whoever is kind enough to make your cuppa they will get if perfectly right everytime, so you can say goodbye to insipid tea or `gravy` like coffee.  Great for you..bad for the office plant. Time to put the kettle on!!

A handy little office gift for you and your work colleagues on a secret santa budget and an absolutely essential training tool when teaching the kids the very fine art of tea and coffee making.

  • Mug Size : 8.5x9.5x12cm
  • Choose from Tea or Coffee
  • Gift Boxed
  • Cool Mugs for Cool Peeps