Luckies Lunch Bag - 2 in 1 Lunch Bag & Placemat

Luckies Lunch Bag

Luckies Lunch Bag - Tyvek Insulated Lunch Bag & Placemat 

The New Luckies Lunch Bag raises office lunches to the next level. The perfect companion for lunch on the go, lunch at your desk or a cheeky little picnic in the park, this lunch bag is both fun and functional. Made from tear-proof Tyvek this colourful lunch bag is one tough cookie. No room in the office fridge? well your lunch won't spoil because it features an insulated liner to keep your packed lunch cool or warm.

It gets better!....The 2 in 1 lunch bag is leak proof, wipe clean and can be neatly folded out into a stylish placemat, ensuring your office desk stays tidy and protected from any crumbs, drips or spills. Complete with a handy magnetic cutlery pouch and a magnetic fastener closure, this is one cool lunch bag! 

A fabulous accessory for those who take their lunch seriously and want to brighten up their break.

  • Size: 20.5 x 21.8 x 14cm
  • Materials : Tyvek, Insulated Foil Liner, Magnets
  • 2 in 1 Lunch Bag and Placemat
  • Includes Cutlery Pouch (Cutlery not included)