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Afternoon Tea

This Great British Nation of ours have been enjoying a good old cuppa since King Charlie II introduced tea to Britain in the 1660`s, but the concept of “afternoon tea” did not become a fashionable social event until the mid to late 1800`s when Anna (Duchess of Bedford don`t you know!!) would find herself rather peckish at around 4pm, so would indulge in a spot of cucumber butty munching with her mates (Crustless of course). Hence the quintessentially British custom of afternoon tea was born. Nowadays most of us settle for a mug of builders tea and a choccy digestive..... Where has the tradition of a proper “Afternoon Tea” gone? Well it is right here ready for you to have a slice of it!! A gift of Afternoon Tea is such a thoughtful gesture and an amazing treat for that special someone to celebrate a Birthday, Mother`s Day, Anniversary, Being a New Mum, or even becoming a New Bride.

We have teamed up with the country`s leading experience day gift providers to bring to you Afternoon Tea from the most stunning locations and 5 star establishments, including Harrods, Coombe Abbey, Ruthin Castle, and the 5* Grosvenor House in London.

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